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CSU’s Affordable Learning Solutions enables faculty to choose and provide more affordable, quality educational content for their students.

By reducing CSU student course material expenses, more students acquire the course materials they need to succeed and benefit from their CSU learning experience.

Now, CSU faculty and students have greater access to quality free and low-cost learning materials through a variety of ALS programs and partnerships.


CHOICE: Enables the discovery of course content, including commercial publisher content, library resources, and a wide array of open educational resources (OER).

AFFORDABILITY: Technology and partnerships that reduce the cost of learning materials for students and the CSU.

ACCESSIBILITY: Every student is entitled to a high quality education with access to all learning materials.

The Affordable Learning Solutions Website:

  • Enables faculty to find quality free or low-cost course content that can substitute for more costly textbooks.
  • Showcases the use of campus library resources for course materials.
  • Organizes tools for faculty to customize and author course content.
  • Provides easy access to information about usability and accessibility of e-readers.
  • Helps faculty be recognized for quality teaching and efforts to reduce students' costs.
  • Enables faculty to share best practices for using low-cost digital and print content in CSU courses.
  • Supports campus Affordable Learning Solutions strategies and initiatives.

AL$ Vendor Partner Programs

New CSU Rent Digital, AL$ Course Materials, and Custom Publishing programs. All current rent digital partners maintain their partnerships with the CSU in the New Rent Digital program. The goals of the new Rent Digital, AL$ Course Materials, and Custom Publishing programs include providing greater opportunity for vendors to participate in one or more programs. In expanding the Rent Digital program opportunities AL$ will increase the number of Rent Digital partners and titles available to CSU faculty and students. With the introduction of the AL$ Course Materials and Custom Publishing programs AL$ will provide new opportunities for partners to provide course material options at lower or no cost such as adaptive learning materials-self authoring tools and other innovative options for CSU faculty and students.

Vendors interested in partnering with CSU Affordable Learning Solutions in providing CSU faculty and students with lower or no cost course material options can learn more on our AL$ Vendor Partner Programs page.

Whats New

Students Save Millions Each Year Through CSU Affordable Learning Solutions

August 2017 Webinar Archive – AY17 AL$/AB798 Team Kick-off

Upcoming AL$ / AB798 Webinar September 28, 2017

We will address current AL$ and AB798 activities and resources in addition to hearing from a guest presenter. Add to your calendar and join us on Thursday, September 28 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Leading the CSU in reducing publisher course materials’ costs with student access to the materials on the first day of class:

San Diego State has implemented a program to provide students access to their course materials on the first day for several courses. In the Immediate Access program prices typically are discounted 25% to 60% from the regular digital material prices offered at the campus store. SDSU has expanded their Immediate Access Program to twenty-one classes for Fall 2017 providing 8,850+ SDSU students immediate access to their digital materials. SDSU’s Immediate Access was first piloted in Spring 2016 with 2 classes and 489 students and has continued to grow in popularity and expand each semester.

Guide to Implement Immediate Access/Opt Out for Course Materials.

Spring and Summer 2017 AL$ Newsletter


Fall 2017 HEOA Memo

SB 1359—Identifying Courses with Free Course Materials in Course Schedules

California Senate Bill 1359 requires California State University campuses “to clearly highlight, by means that may include a symbol or logo in a conspicuous place on the online campus course schedule, the courses that exclusively use digital course materials that are free of charge to students and may have a low-cost option for print versions.” The deadline to implement this designation in course schedules is January 1, 2018. Memo to CSU Presidents from Gerry Hanley, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Technology Services.

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OpenStax Tutor Beta gives college students the easy-to-use online courseware and learning tools they need to complete their course the first time around. And it’s all based on science. Available College Physics, Biology, and Introduction to Sociology 2e. Improve how your student learn with research-based technology at a low cost.

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