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Sharing Syllabi

Many CSU faculty have chosen a different path than the traditional textbook, utilizing open educational resources that are freely available on the web, electronic library resources, or innovating their use of more affordable commercial options, through customization and digital delivery. As more faculty share their approaches we will list and catalog their syllabi here. They showcase the affordable learning solutions they have adopted for their course. This activity is the first step in helping you better understand and recognizing baseline practices, with the hope that they will serve as examples to help you begin.

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Simply choose the features of the course syllabus that interests you in the form below and click “View Report”. A hit list of syllabi will be presented for your further examination.”

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You will create a personal account so you can manage what you share (it’s easy and quick) and then provide a few descriptions of your course. Upload your syllabus and you’re done. Your colleagues can learn from your model of teaching with no/low cost course materials.