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AL$ Vendor Partner Programs


The California State University (CSU) established the Rent Digital Program in 2011 to provide and promote to faculty and students the additional choice of renting a digital copy of a course’s materials. The goal was and still is to lower the cost of course material for students not wishing to retain it and to expand the use of digital content by students. Current Vendors participating in the CSU Rent Digital program include: Cengage, Follett BryteWave, RedShelf, Vitalsource, W.W. Norton and Yuzu by Barnes and Noble. Combined, current CSU Rent Digital partners offer over 60,000 lower cost title choices to CSU faculty and students.

NEW AL$ Programs Announced in 2015-2016

With the success of the Rent Digital and to continue to provide CSU faculty and students with lower or no cost course material options the CSU Affordable learning Solutions introduced in 2015-2016 three New Programs: New CSU Rent Digital, AL$ Course Materials, and Custom Publishing programs. All current rent digital partners maintain their partnerships with the CSU in the New Rent Digital program. The goal of the new Rent Digital, AL$ Course Materials, and Custom Publishing programs include providing greater opportunity for vendors to participate in one or more programs. In expanding the Rent Digital program opportunities AL$ will increase the number of Rent Digital partners and titles available to CSU faculty and students. With the introduction of the AL$ Course Materials and Custom Publishing programs AL$ will provide new opportunities for partners to provide course material options at lower or no cost such as adaptive learning materials-self authoring tools and other innovative options for CSU faculty and students.

AL$ Course Materials Program

Custom Publishing Program


By delivering improved affordability, choice, and accessibility within the Rent Digital, AL$ Course Materials and Custom Publishing programs the CSU and Vendors should expect a variety of benefits. CSU benefits:

  • Students will be more likely to acquire the content and to use it in class, resulting in improved student academic success.
  • Students will have increased choices for acquiring course content at more affordable prices, resulting in a lower total cost of education.
  • Faculty will see a greater use of their selected content by students and opportunities to improve learning outcomes with the reliable use of the courses content.
  • Faculty use, acceptance, and confidence in using digital content will increase.

Vendor benefits:

  • Increased revenues derived from higher digital sell-through rates for instructional content selected by faculty.
  • Active marketing of the Rent Digital, AL$ Course Materials and Custom Publishing programs options by the CSU, reducing their overall cost of sales for selected content.
  • A larger student and faculty base for the use of required, supplemental, and premium content.
  • Improved reliability of sustainable business models in a dynamic and uncertain digital/print environment.
  • Improved accessibility of their products and services and improved business processes that reliably result in more accessible products and services.