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The Wall Street Journal is excited to announce a collaboration with the CSU Chancellor's Office to enhance their teaching curricula while reducing student learning costs. The top business programs/professors in the country have adopted the WSJ into their student’s daily reading (including many in the CSU system) and have:

  • Enlivened their classroom by connecting The Journal’s engaging, real-world coverage of current events to textbook theory.
  • Saved time with our exclusive teaching tools, including discipline-specific Academic Weekly Reviews. (e.g. Professors can create their own weekly self-graded assessments, tied to WSJ articles, no matter what discipline you teach.)
  • Leveraged proven, faculty-developed integration ideas to incorporate The Journal into your curriculum.
  • Equipped their students for future job interviews and professional development.


Our education rates through July 31, 2015 are only $1.00 a week which includes the print,, mobile and tablet. We’re here to help you bring the WSJ to your students this fall, 2014 or spring, 2015 terms.

To schedule some time to further discuss, please contact: Peter Eliason at

CSU Faculty Testimonials

"…The Journal serves as a current affairs text with an endless array of public policy issues that focus on the convergence of business and politics. And it costs a fraction of what an outdated current affairs text would cost…I frequently tell my students that the world is our laboratory of constantly changing circumstances and events. The Wall Street Journal is our roadmap to that laboratory."
Professor Larry Gerston, Political Science, San Jose State University

"The Wall Street Journal has been required reading in my public relations classes for more than a decade. Our students need to be engaged in the world around them to be more employable and better citizens…Now, at only a $1 a week, it's affordable for anyone. This is an outstanding value for our students."
Professor Matt Cabot, Journalism, San Jose State University

"In over 20 years of requiring the Wall Street Journal in a number of classes, I have found it to be a very valuable and extremely cost effective resource for my students…I strongly recommend the Wall Street Journal as an inexpensive replacement to costly textbooks."
Dr. Howard Combs, Marketing, San Jose State University

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Requests for Desk-Evaluation-Review Copies

Publishers also provide you ways to request digital "desk copies" of their eTextbooks. Here are links to the websites for the major publishers for higher education:


Cenage Learning



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Principles of Biology Digital Textbook Available to CSU Students for Under $50

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As part of a three-year partnership with Nature Publishing Group (NPG), publisher of the world’s leading scientific journal Nature, CSU faculty guided and advised the development of NPG’s Principles of Biology – the first in a series of interactive "born digital" textbooks. The "born-digital" textbook has been adopted by a number of CSU campus faculty.

Learn more about the Principles of Biology digital textbook.

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CSU bookstores provide many services and textbook options for students and faculty to find the most affordable options including CSU Rent Digital options.