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Procedures and Business Practices

Auxiliaries and Bookstore Programs

Documentation of the processes developed for the deployment and sustainability of ALS commercial programs. The design accommodates amendments and additions as they develop. (updated September 2015)

  1. Accessibility
    1. VPATs
  2. Accounting
  3. Bookstores
    1. Advisory Committee
    2. Annual meetings
  4. Faculty
    1. Free materials
    2. MERLOT
    3. Online Courses
    4. Lower Cost materials
    5. Library Resources
    6. Custom Publishing
    7. Faculty Showcase
    8. Deploying AL$
    9. Webinars
    10. Desk/evaluation copies
  5. Legislation
    1. AB 317 Solorio
    2. AB 1548 Solorio
    3. AB 2471 Lara
    4. AB 2477 Liu
    5. SB 48 Alquist
    6. SB 386 Runner
    7. SB 388 Calderon
    8. SB 1328 DeLeon
  6. Contact Lists
    1. Store Directors
    2. Course Materials
    3. Auxiliaries Officers
    4. Bookstore Web Pages
    5. Course Materials Vendors
    6. AL$ Business Partners
  7. Marketing
  8. Presentations
  9. Projects and Pilots
    1. CSU brand custom pub
    2. Bookstep
    3. Get it Now
    4. Licensed Content
    5. Nature
    6. Sage
  10. Resources
    1. Auxiliary policies
    2. Course Fees
    3. EO 1054
    4. EO 919 Non-General Funds
    5. HEOA
  11. Course Fees Suggestions
  12. Rent Digital


Rent Digital Partners’ VPATs

All Rent Digital partners and affiliates have submitted a VPAT (voluntary product accessibility template) with Academic Technologies and have been reviewed by CSU Center for Accessible Media. Each partner is reviewed for compliance and proactive planning annually. Please help avoid double efforts and refer your campus Academic Technologies or Disabled Student Services departments to the following webpage:

Other VPATS:


As new pilots and programs are developed, tested, and/or deployed, generic accounting templates for campus bookstores and collaborating campus departments are compiled. For a copy of any generic accounting template, please contact the CSU bookstore liaison by email.


A. Bookstore Advisory Committee was established in 2012 with input invited from 23 campus bookstores. The committee meets once annually in person during fall term and via phone/email as needed for reviews, recommendations, and other issues. It is comprised of at least three bookstore directors, at least two course materials managers, at least one regional manager. The 2015-16 committee includes: Jared Ceja, Will Crawford, Claude Damsa, Sue Duits, Dusty Guthier, Elaine Reed and Ann DelMuro. Qualifications will include quick email response to questions, availability to attend annual meeting, and will be subject to balance the committee with contract store companies and independent stores.

B. Affordable Learning Solutions will host an annual meeting for all bookstore directors, course materials managers, and regional managers annually and it will be held in two locations (one northern California and one southern California) in winter.

2015 Annual Meeting Dates were March 4 at the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach and March 11 at San Francisco State University. Dates for 2016 annual meetings will be announced in November 2015.


  1. Free materials:
  2. MERLOT:
  3. Online courses:
  4. Lower Cost materials:
  5. Llibrary Resources:
  6. Custom Publishing:
  7. Faculty Showcase:
  8. Deploying AL$:
  9. Webinars:
  10. Desk/evaluation copies:


SB 1052/1053 Steinberg, Open Education Council Cool4ed

AB 317 Soloria, Textbook Affordability:

AB 1548 Solorio, Textbook Transparency:

AB 2471 Lara, Transparency and Fairness:

AB 2477 Liu, Pricing :

SB 48 Alquist, Electronic Alternative :

SB 216 Liu, Notice of textbook prices:

SB 386 Runner, Reducing prices :

SB 388 Calderon, Edition and Content:

SB 1328 DeLeon, Format and search engine:;jsessionid=0ce123f796363a149457b33fdcf8?bill_id=201120120SB1328

SB1052 Steinberg, Open Education Resource Council:

SB1053 Steinberg, CA Digital Open Source Library:

Sales Tax and Use Law, unbundled components:


A. CSU Bookstore Directors: The following list identifies the person with overall responsibility for the CSU campus bookstore. Titles, breadth of responsiblities and line-of-reporting are NOT uniform on the campuses. Also, stores are either leased (F=ollett or B&N=Barnes and Noble) or self-operated by the auxiliary/foundation (A=self op.)

Bakersfield (F) (Schuckman) Richard Salcedo 661-654-2273

Channel Islands (F) (Schuckman) Kathy Willmont 805-437-2668

Chico (A) (Parsons) Sarah Foisy 530-898-5222

Dominguez Hills (F) (Schuckman) Will Crawford 310-243-3828

East Bay (F) (Kiryakakis) Jaime Scobel 1106mgr@fheg.follett. com 510-885-2726

Fresno (A) Curt Parkinson 559.278.4251.

Fullerton (A) Kim Ball 657.278.3418

Humboldt (F) (Russell) Corey Adamski 707-826-5833

Long Beach (A) Jared Ceja 562-985-5093

Los Angeles (B&N) (Delmuro) Elaine Reed 323-343-5392

Cal Maritime Academy (F) (Parsons) Andre Jimenez 707) 654-1186

Monterey Bay (B&N) (Hagge) Paul Gagne 831- 582-5262

Northridge (F) (Schuckman) Amy Berger 818-677-2932

Pomona (A) Clint Aase 909 869 3762

Sacramento (F) (Parsons) James Ontiveros 916-278-6446

San Bernardino (F) (Duits ) David Watts (909) 537-7096

San Diego (A) Todd Summer 619-594-6954

San Diego(A) Kathy Brown

San Francisco (F) (Kiryakakis) Husam Erciyes 415.338.2023

San Jose (B&N) (Schmit) Jesse Nelson (408)924-1845

San Luis Obispo (A) Lynnette Held (805)756-5301

San Marcos (F) (Duits) Pamela Lovsted 760-750-4730

Sonoma (B&N) (Hagge) Steve Higgenbotham (707)664-2329

Stanislaus (B&N) (Hagge) Jimmy White 209)667-3161

(Updated August 2015)

B. CSU Bookstore Course Materials Managers: The following list identifies the person with responsibility for course materials. Titles, breadth of responsibilities and line-of-reporting are NOT uniform on the campuses. In many instances the store director is the only approved contact. Also, stores are either leased (F=ollett or B&N=Barnes and Noble) or self-operated by the auxiliary/foundation (A=self op.)A

Bakersfield (F) Jason Carpio 661-654-2273

Channel Islands (F) 805-482-5456

Chico (A) 530-898-6966

Dominguez Hills (F) Angel Covarrubias 310-243-3789

East Bay (F) Eduina Escobar 510-885-3507

Fresno (A) Dusty Guthier 559.278.4062

Fullerton (A) Claude Damsa 657.278.3418

Humboldt (F) Katie McCreary 707-826-5833

Long Beach (A) Rochelle McCoy 562-985-7731

Los Angeles (B&N) Brian Griffin 323-343-2500

California Maritime Academy (F)

Monterey Bay (B&N)

Northridge (F) Robert Munck 818-677-2932

Pomona (A) Suzanne Donnelly 909 869 3284

Sacramento (F) Sabrina Pound 916-278-6446

San Bernardino (F) Kevin O’Rourke (909) 537-5966

San Diego (A) Ben Compton 619-594-7543

San Francisco (F) Wendy Johnson 415.338.7377

San Jose (B&N) Ryan Chiangi (408)924-1845

San Luis Obispo (A) Reza Kazempour (805)756-1171

San Marcos (F) Steve Magano 760-750-4730

Sonoma (B&N) Courtney Best (707)664-2329

Stanislaus (B&N) Steve Gomez (209)667-3161

(Updated August 2015)

C. Auxiliary Commercial Shops Contacts: The following list identifies the campus employee with overall responsibility for a foundation organization that oversees the bookstore, bookstore contract, and provision of course materials under contract to the campus. Titles, aggregated foundation departments, and line-of-reporting are NOT uniform on the campuses.

Bakersfield Michael Neal

Channel Islands Erik Blaine

Chico Dave Forman

Dominguez Hills Mary Ann Rodriguez

East Bay Debbie Chaw

Fresno Debbie Astone

Fullerton Frank Mumford

Humboldt Dave Nakamura

Long Beach Don Penrod

Los Angeles Alma Sahagun

California Maritime Academy Diane Rawicz

Monterey Bay Kevin Saunders

Northridge Debra Hammond

Pomona Paul Storey

Sacramento Jim Reinhart

San Bernardino Chuck Kissell

San Diego Donna Tusack

San Francisco Jason Porth

San Jose Beth Pugliese

San Luis Obispo Lorli Leetham

San Marcos Dora Knoblock

Sonoma Neil Markley

Stanislaus Jack Reho



CHANNEL ISLANDS: </a></span></p> <p><a target="_blank" href="/alsinfographic">CSU Affordable Learning Solutions Infographic</a> displays key initiative at a glance.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>">






















E. COURSE MATERIALS VENDOR MEMBERS OF NACS: This list is used for various purposes including distribution for Affordable Learning Solutions Requests for Bids/Qualifications. Please contact AL$ bookstore liaison for specific information on distribution.



BARNES & NOBLE: Nicole Guerrieri (Director, Digital Education)

CENGAGE: Robert Bates (institutional sales)

VITAL SOURCE: Ryan Hively John Schuman

FOLLETT CAFESCRIBE: Liz Pisney (Director, Product Management)

W.W.NORTON: Mike Wright (VP College Sales) Cassie del Pilar

REDSHELF: Shannon Godfrey

SAGE: Stephen Soucy (institutional sales)

SCHLAGER MILESTONE DOCUMENTS: Neil Schlager (Founder and President) Benjamin Painter


CSU BRAND CUSTOM PUB (XanEdu) Brett Costello

NATURE: Frank Steed (Senior Account Manager)


Various marketing materials are available to download and reproduce from the AL$ websites. In addition, there is a set of exhibit materials including a medium-sized banner that bookstores may loan for their campus events.

Affordable Learning Solutions brochure:

Faculty Rent Digital flyer:

Student Rent Digital flyer:

CSU MERLOT brochure:

OER Search for your webpage:

The AL$ webpage also offers tools and resources to plan and market communications and events at

This site includes:

  • Project planning template
  • Communication planning template
  • Guildelines for planning and deploying your AL$ program
  • Rent Digital web banners and logos

For further assistance with marketing resources and to reserve the bookstore loan items, please contact the marketing manager at



2011: Digital Marketplace and the ALS Solution

2012: ALS Partnership Opportunities

2013: ALS, Auxiliaries and Academic Affairs as Partners

2014 : ALS Updates and Opportunities

2015: Academic Technologies


ALS Workshop March 2013

DM/ALS Campus Integration 2010

Fresno ALS 2013

Devices, Delivery, Digital Content (ALS Wkshp) 2012

TWISTERS Fresno 2012


Meeting March 2015 northern California

Meeting February 2015, southern California

Meeting March 2014 northern California

Meeting February 2014, southern California

Bookstore Advisory Committee meeting, November 2013

Bookstore Advisory Committee meeting, October 2014

Bookstore Meeting March 2013

Meeting April 2010

Meeting March 2011

Store Opportunities 2010

Store/GIN 2010

Advisory Team October 2012

Advisory Team April 2012

Auxiliaries Overview 2009

Auxiliaries Opportunities 2011

CSULB Pilot 2010

CSULB Faculty Lunch 2013

SFSU TMS Pilot Nov 2010

SFSU TMS Pilot May 2010


Fullerton Faculty Lunch March 2012

CSUISG November 2010

CSUISG April 2012

(Available on request)


Digital Marketplace 2010

ALS 2012

Large Stores Group April 2012

CACS (California Association of College Stores):

Course Materials Summit 2010

Digital Marketplace annual Nov 2010


Academic Pub

CSSA 2012

Follett Stores 2012

Rent Digital Partners Mtg February 2013

Rent Digital Partners Mtg, February 2014

Student Focus Groups (Fresno, SLO)

TMS for POS Providers


Affordable Learning Solutions has and continues to conduct pilots of solutions that are possible savings for CSU students. Pilots are conducted to provide a basis for evaluation as well as to conduct an actual use case to customize and improve products and services. Projects are adopted products or services that are organized with vendor partners for the most efficient provision of options to faculty and students.


CSU Affordable Learning Solutions ( has partnered with XanEdu/Academic Pub to provide access to a California State University-covered digital course materials assembly tool for faculty. Faculty have access to the tool via the ALS webpage and are able to efficiently assemble materials from an inventory, from the web, and from their own repositories with real-time notation of the eventual cost of individual copyright permissions and the total cost of materials to students.

The retail prices are uniform across the system thus providing equality for all students as well as the ability for faculty to easily collaborate and share efforts. The CSU has negotiated and agreed on a standard minimal markup or commission for the individual campus bookstores should they choose to offer the material via their stores and websites. Participation as the retailer is optional for each bookstore. The CSU does NOT recommend any bookstore eliminates their current practices or vendors.

Bookstores may choose to participate by having all CSU-covered materials provided by Academic Pub directly to students; by having Academic Pub provide digital content but refer hard copy requests to the bookstore for internal or contracted production; by ordering hard copies from Academic Pub; or any combination of these.

Students who order materials from campuses whose bookstores are NOT participating will pay the same negotiated retail but no commissions/markups will be paid by Academic Pub. The commission/markup on the Academic Pub program is very low in order to keep materials very affordable for students. The low commission is designed to cover the bookstore’s cost of ecommerce link maintenance and record-keeping.

Royalty Charges: eBook pricing(no print fees) Print Book Pricing (up to 100 pages/ over 100=.03B&W;.15Color)    
Up to $20 OER only $5.95 base price $5.95+$10 printing  B&W $5.95+$20 printing  Color
$20.01 to $40 $9.95 base price $9.95+$10 printing B&W $9.95+$20 printing Color
Over $40 $14.95 base price    $14.95+$10 printing B&W $14.95+$20 printing Color

Printing includes free standard domestic shipping. Books are perfect bound, softcover with color covers. B&W books larger than 100 pages are $.03 for each additional page. Color books larger than 100 pages are $.15 for each additional page. Permission fee $2.50


Bookstep is a reader app that provides access to etextbooks on a pay-as-you-go basis for students. Students may enroll in several models including single-title access or membership. Students provide credit card information to Bookstep and are charged by the minute that students use access. Students have the ability to control expenses in correlation to their use and charges are capped at the regular price of the title. No current ALS program offers Bookstep but it is available as an opt-in for students by the vendor. Two focus groups were held at Fresno and San Luis Obispo campuses where panels of students evaluated the advantages of the product.

Get it Now:

Get it Now improves inter-library loan programs with a publisher-Copyright Clearance-institution collaboration for access to materials the library does not own in a very fast electronic process. The cost of GIN is considerably lower than previous ILL programs and eases the financial burden of multi-subscriptions for libraries. Pilots for student-pay-as-you-go have been built in which the student pays a small iTunes type fee for access to materials their library does not have available. The pilots included a handoff from the library to the campus bookstore for processing of the fee. An authentication of the payment then forwards to the GIN vendor for delivery of access to the student. An accounting process template is available to campus stores who are invited by the library to collaborate on GIN.

Licensed Content Pilots:

CSU Affordable Learning Solutions conducted these pilots on seven campuses in fall 2010 and spring 2011. Volunteer faculty teaching sections of multi-section courses agreed to require digital-only content of the course materials. Students paid 35% of the cost of the materials in new hard copy format. Students had access to the materials for at least the duration of the course (up to some being permanent ownership.) Students had extensive print rights. CSU negotiated the low prices with publishers and indicated campus bookstores as the only source of the specially-priced materials.

Over 5,000 students participated. In depth studies, surveys and a report were generated that documented the faculty’s evaluations, over one third of the students preferred digital content. Approximately one third indicated they had no preference except low price. The remainder indicated they preferred hard copy materials. Almost 80% of the students in the licensed content digital-only sections purchased their course materials while fewer than 46% of the students in the parallel sections using hard copy purchased their materials. More detailed information and the study are available via your CSU bookstore liaison.

Nature Biology:

CSU faculty guided and advised the development of the first in a series of interactive ‘born digital’ textbooks with Nature Publishing Group. Students in Biology for Majors sections by faculty who adopt the Nature program purchase a high quality, interactive, multimedia and digital program with unlimited printing rights and no expiration date for @$39 at their campus bookstore. The students also receive a lifetime electronic subscription to Nature’s journal. More information is available at

Sage Criminal Justice:

CSU AL$ and Sage have partnered to provide nearly 50 Criminal justice titles in three major ebook platforms at a cost ranging from $15 o $35 (up to 70% savings) for instructors who agree to participate in the program. Instructors announce in class and on their course syllabus that they will be testing content in the materials, they strongly encourage students to buy a copy of the deeply discounted materials and that they believe that students who buy the materials will perform much better on tests. Sage has made these titles available via CafeScribe, B&N Nook Study, CourseSmart, and Vital Source. Sage offers further discounts on materials for students of faculty who successfully pursue a registration course fee for the materials.


AL$ maintains resources for bookstores to participate in all AL$ programs and CSU/legal directives. Many may be accessed via the web. For assistance, contact the AL$ bookstore liaison at

Auxiliary policy, Title 5:

Course Fees Executive order 1054:

Summary 1054:

Budget Office accountability 1054:

Non General Funds Executive Order 919:

Higher Education Opportunity Act:



To assist faculty in expediting course fee approval on your campus, please share the following ‘Five Easy Steps’ and course fee worksheet:

FIVE EASY STEPS FOR FACULTY TO OBTAIN COURSE FEE APPROVAL FOR COURSE MATERIALS: CSU’s Affordable Learning Solutions enables faculty to choose and provide more affordable, quality educational content for their students. By reducing CSU student course material expenses, more students acquire the course materials they need to succeed and benefit from their CSU learning experience.

Course fees to prepay for course materials are published with the course in the class schedule and are collected at registration. Students are then provided the materials before or upon the start of classes. Course fees not only ensure that students have the materials you have chosen as necessary for student success, but also ensure publishers and providers sales which allows them to offer much lower prices for your students.

CSU Executive Order 1054 describes the category in which materials fees are included as “Category III Fees: Fees associated with state-supported courses. Specifically for materials and services used in concert with the basic foundation of an academic course offering.”

Each campus has a Course Fee Approval Committee although the names of committees may vary. These committees are responsible for reviewing requests for course fees and escalating approval review to the provost. To qualify for consideration, requests may be required to be on a campus-specific form and must be submitted with approval of the department chair and the dean.

Easy “Five Steps” to obtain Approval:

  1. Select materials you wish students to have
  2. Contact publisher/provider rep and request best CSU pricing
  3. Complete the CSU AL$ standardized form
  4. Attach to your campus’ course fee approval request form
  5. Submit to your department office for chairperson’s approval and submission to provost

You have many resources for help with your course materials fee endeavor. If you have selected the materials you wish to use, contact the publisher and/or provider and request that they offer discounted pricing, alternative formats, and a campus representative to assist with your submission. CSU Affordable Learning Solutions ( provides an array of tools including vendor information, search and discovery, authoring tools, information on accessibility. Your campus bookstore will assist you with pricing information and possibilities, delivery options, publisher/provider contacts, determining student savings over previous or comparable titles.


(attach to your campus’ course fee approval request form and submit to your department office for chairperson’s approval and submission to provost.)

Department_____________________ Instructor name___________________

Course______________Section(s)___________ Term(s)_______ Academic year(s)___________

Is approval for more than one academic year requested? Yes___/No_____

If extended approval is requested, please explain advantages (examples: improved discounts with provider, minimizing repetitive process for same materials, etc.)­­ ­­­­­­­­­­__________________________

Title________________________________ Author____________ Edition ____

Publisher________________ Provider__________________ Format______________

Price/cost of materials to be in course fee $____________________________

1. Is this a negotiated discount being offered by the provider Yes___/No___

2. Has publisher/provider provided an ‘opt-out’ alternative at regular price for students who decline course fee? Yes____/No____

3. Explain savings (compare regular price of materials with course fee price) _________________________________________________________

4. Explain potential impact on student success of having or not having materials (example: “materials include tests, study aids, group work sessions that substantially contribute to the student’s knowledge and grade.”)______________________

5. Where will students obtain the materials? (bookstore, LMS,etc)______________

6. Are parallel sections of the course which do not require course fee available for students?_ Yes____/No____

7. Please explain refund options/limitations for class cancellations, withdrawals, etc._________________________________________________________

8. Has this material been reviewed for accessibility by:

Academic Technology ______ CSU ALS ______ Student Disabiliity Services? ______

9. Enter web site or other source of accessibility information________________

10. Are these materials available for download? Yes____/No____

11. Are these materials available via web access? Yes____/No____

12. What devices are compatible with these materials for access/download? __________________________



Channel Islands:


Dominguez Hills:

East Bay:




Long Beach:

Los Angeles:

Cal Maritime: (suggest requesting information from Finance or Student Affairs)

Monterey Bay:




San Bernardino:

San Diego:

San Francisco:

San Jose:

San Luis Obispo:

San Marco:




This program offers students savings of 60 percent or more off the cost of new print textbooks through the option to rent e-textbook versions of adopted traditional materials. CSU’s agreements with CafeScribe, Cengage Learning, CourseSmart/Vital Source, Yuzu by Barnes & Noble, Schlager Milestone Documents, Sage and W.W. Norton provide CSU students access to over 45,000 popular e-textbooks choices. CSU has negotiated the following with the providers: titles will be offered at at least 60% off of the price of the new hard copy material. Partners are in agreement to provide a CSU-exclusive ‘landing page’ for faculty and students to identify RD titles and (full partners) for students to purchase the materials. Partners are in agreement to report the transaction history no later than the end of each semester via the AL$ Transaction Management System. Vendor business agreements and commissions with campus bookstores are not included in the CSU RD agreement but remain the domain of each bookstore.

Students have access to their CSU Rent Digital e-textbooks for the length of the academic term through laptops, desktops, tablets and other devices. Students can access their e-textbooks online or offline, e-textbooks have interactive capabilities including printing, note-taking and highlighting. Student can print the pages of the e-textbooks as well. Students purchase CSU Rent Digital e-textbooks through their campus bookstore.

Vendors have submitted Voluntary Product Accessibiity Templates, PCI compliance statements, demos of products, FAQs, and access to included titles to CSU. This information may be accessed at:

The following are resources to locate lists of titles available in the Rent Digital program. They may be reached via the Affordable Learning Solutions page, then clicking on the Rent Digital button at the top, and clicking on the Vendor Partner’s logo in the right column.

Affordable Learning Solutions:

Rent Digital:

They are also accessible directly as follows:


FOLLETT BRYTEWAVE: Click ‘browse’:

CENGAGE: At the bottom: Browse our catalog: Choose a discipline and click for a list of titles

VITAL SOURCE/COURSESMART: Click ‘Review Booklist’. This downloads list


SAGE: Click ‘program titles’: click on a discipline and a list will download

Milestone Documents access codes: CSU Rent Digital edition ISBN 978-1-935306-22-1 Wholesale price for bookstores: $12.30 Suggested list price: $15.00 .